Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cold Turkey

Apparently spurred by the demands of turkey hunters for continued northward expansion of Wild Turkey populations by means of intentional introductions, the Northern Wild Turkey Workshop was held in Bloomington, Minnesota, January 16-18, 2003, under sponsorship of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the National Wild Turkey Foundation, and the Minnesota Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Foundation.

The published proceedings (.pdf) consists of 36 papers, mostly 1- or 2-page expanded abstracts, organized into the following 6 sections:
  • Introduction (2 papers)
  • Transplanting Wild Turkeys North of Their Ancestral Range (9)
  • Research on Wild Turkeys in Northern Latitudes (8)
  • Northern Wild Turkey Populations, Problems, and Hunting Seasons (6)
  • State and Provincial Agency Reports (7)
  • Appendix (3)
  • Citation: Kimmel, Richard O., Wendy J. Krueger, and Tonya K. Klinkner (compilers). 2003. Northern Wild Turkey Workshop. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Farmland Wildlife Research Group, Madelia, Minnesota. 42 pp.



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