Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ruffed Grouse Introductions in Missouri

Thompson et al. (1997) describe the history and status of Ruffed Grouse in Missouri thusly (excerpts):
By the late 1950s, grouse were almost completely gone from the State, yet Ruffed Grouse habitat in many regions had recovered from earlier abuse. Unfortunately, few native birds were available to recolonize these areas.

The Missouri Department of Conservation began restoration efforts in 1959 and recently expanded these efforts. The Department obtains wild-trapped birds from other States and releases them into suitable habitat throughout Missouri, with the hope that they will breed and expand into surrounding areas.

In the above map (taken from Thomspon et al. 1997), dots represent Ruffed Grouse release sites throughout the State.

Thompson, Frank R., III, Deretha A. Freiling, and Erik K. Fritzell. 1997 (July 8; last revision). Ruffed Grouse in Missouri: its ecology and management. University of Missouri-Colombia Extension Division.

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